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Blackmagic Design Decklink Extreme

Blackmagic Design Decklink Extreme - Uncompressed 10-bit Component and SD-SDI Video Capture PCI Card with Analog Monitoring for Apple Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro with Real-Time Effects Support - NTSC/PAL - Mac/Win
Blackmagic Design Decklink ExtremeBlackmagic Design Decklink Extreme

The DeckLink Extreme features high quality 10-bit uncompressed  SD-SDI & analog video for the Mac and Windows platform through the use of a 32-bit PCI-66/33MHz slot. DeckLink Extreme is the perfect solution for connecting to high end broadcast digital and analog decks such as Digital Betacam/Betacam SP, D5, and D1. True 10-bit SDI/YUV capture retains all the subtle detail in your images, even during the heaviest multi generation rendering and video processing.


Connect to Analog or Digital Video
Featuring the highest quality 10-bit uncompressed SD-SDI, DeckLink Extreme is perfect for connecting to high end decks such as Digital Betacam, D1 and DVCPRO 50. True 10-bit SDI capture retains all the subtle detail in your images, even during multi generation rendering and video processing. When using analog decks such as Betacam SP, DeckLink Extreme PCIe features analog component YUV video and balanced analog audio, so you don't need cumbersome external converters.
Built-In Professional Quality Audio
The DeckLink Extreme features unbalanced AES digital audio out for incredible quality and sample accurate AV sync. DeckLink Extreme unbalanced AES audio output is also compatible with S/PDIF consumer audio, so you can use inexpensive HiFi equipment for audio monitoring. When connecting to analog decks, DeckLink Extreme includes analog XLR audio in and out connectors for direct analog deck connection. 8 channel SDI audio is supported, perfect for 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound audio work.
Choose Windows or Mac OS
DeckLink Extreme can be plugged into either Windows or Mac OS systems. You can move the DeckLink Extreme between operating systems allowing you to constantly reconfigure your facility as your needs change.

On Windows, DeckLink Extreme supports DirectShow for compatibility with most video software. For editing, DeckLink Extreme includes a full suite of plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro including deck control. You can even playback AVI, QuickTime and still frames files all on the same Premiere Pro timeline and with multi-channel audio via our ASIO driver.

On Apple Mac OS, DeckLink Extreme supports QuickTime for full compatibility with all video software such as Apple Final Cut Pro HD, Adobe After Effects, Shake, DVD Studio Pro, iDVD, Combustion and many more.

True 10-Bit Uncompressed SDI Capture & Playback
DeckLink Extreme supports full 10-bit SDI uncompressed video capture and playback for great image quality. Ideal for Digital Betacam , D1 and Panasonic DVCPRO 50 decks, uncompressed 10-bit is the highest quality possible from the SDI television system. The Blackmagic codec allows 16-bit RGB per channel rendering preserving the quality of 10-bit video. Only 10-bit uncompressed will hold up under the heavy working conditions demanded by clients today, while still retaining that delicate film look.
Flexible File Formats
When used with Mac OS and Windows operating systems, you can select from the highest quality 10-bit uncompressed and 8-bit uncompressed. When used on Mac OS, DeckLink Extreme includes support for DV and JPEG compressed video formats. On Windows, you can choose between AVI and QuickTime file formats and even play back TARGA and BMP image sequences in the Premiere Pro timeline without rendering.


Design & Effects
High quality effects and design work has never been easier. The DeckLink Extreme card is fully compatible with the standard software tools for broadcast designers, such as Adobe After Effects, Apple Shake, Apple Motion, Combustion and Photoshop. For a complete solution for inputting and outputting media, Blackmagic Deck Control is included free and allows time code accurate remote capture and output to broadcast decks. DeckLink Extreme also includes an RGB QuickTime preview output for After Effects and Combustion. And, you can always preview on the DeckLink video-out interactively as you work, and then play pre-renders using real-time ram preview. When rendering your work, processing quality using the Blackmagic codec is full 16-bit, so you always get the advantage of 10-bit SDI video.
Broadcast Paint & Graphics
Broadcast graphics-work demands absolute quality and seamless integration with software for speed. Adobe Photoshop has become the tool of choice for broadcast designers worldwide because of its industry standard interface and powerful tool set. DeckLink Extreme includes Photoshop plug-ins so you can capture still frames from the video input, and output graphics to the video-output with a simple menu click. Photoshop documents can use 16-bit rendering to 10-bit SDI for the highest quality video. Blackmagic Deck Control can also be used to control your broadcast deck remotely. And, when used in live environments, DeckLink can even key graphics with an alpha channel over live input video.
HD to SD Down Conversion
The DeckLink Extreme SD card supports playback, software, down conversion from HDTV1080 and HDTV720 to SDTV. Software down conversion can be enabled or disabled with a software switch in the System Preferences>Blackmagic DeckLink on a Mac system. A HD-capable Mac system and a hard drive array must be used even when performing down conversion, of uncompressed HD video, with the standard definition DeckLink Extreme card. If wanting to perform down conversion on capture, a DeckLink HD series cards is required. 1
Streaming Video
The DeckLink Extreme card is ideal for streaming as you get a clean uncompressed video source for your streaming files. Uncompressed source video also means you don't waste CPU time de-compressing video, so you get faster rendering of your streaming files. DeckLink Extreme is compatible with popular streaming software on both Mac OS and Windows.
DVD Authoring
With DVD's replacing VHS tapes as the most popular consumer format, creating DVDs from your work has become important. DVDs from uncompressed media are much higher quality, and as all media files used on the DeckLink Extreme are QuickTime or AVI, you get full compatibility with DVD authoring software. Use DVD Studio Pro or even iDVD on Mac OS or Adobe Encore DVD software on Windows for powerful DVD creation.
Great for Monitoring
The DeckLink Extreme card makes a great combination for monitoring in your edit suite. Even if you don't have a deck or camera connected to your computer, DeckLink Extreme makes a great high quality way to monitor your edit as you work. Equipment such as DV cameras generally have poor quality video monitoring limited to an NTSC/PAL output. With the DeckLink Extreme you can monitor high quality edits even in DV. The DeckLink Extreme card plays back DV and JPEG media as well as taking advantage of RT Extreme based Final Cut Pro HD effects. You can connect an inexpensive YUV component video monitor for quality monitoring, and without annoying FireWire latency when using only DV files.
Live Broadcast Graphics Presentation
Use the built-in keyer for overlaying graphics live over the video input. Even if you're only adding station indents, internal keying makes it easy. Use the Blackmagic LiveKey application for controlling key levels, and even adjusting the opacity of keys. Blackmagic LiveKey will also automatically fade graphics on and off for specific times.
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